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Discount on Learning Course

by Sister Maria Philomena -

Pat Wyman from wrote to me to say congratulations on my anniversary as Director of SAI. She writes:

I want to let you know that we continue to always value your contribution to our Amazing Grades book!  Something you may want to know of for both students and adults - we have our new course ready: Total Recall Learning: How to Learn Anything Faster. If you'd like to give anyone you know a huge discount on the course (which is 10 days long and all about faster learning, how to double your reading speed and getting a better memory) - they can go to this page and apply the coupon code MYSUPERSKILL and it makes the course only $10 for them. (Normally the course is much more, but during Covid we're doing everything we can to help people learn faster, and upgrade their skills both in school and work - especially if they have to change jobs and learn new things quickly! Here is the web page with more information about the course: God bless and thank you, Pat

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